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How can document-genre metadata improve information-access for large digital collections?

Forelæsning ved Kevin Crowston*
på School of Information Studies
Syracyse University, New York

Genre metadata facilitates information retrieval and use. For example, people rarely have to read every word to understand a document's meaning. Instead, they start by identifying the kinds of documents they are faced with, then use different types of documents in appropriate ways. For example, a grant proposal is used differently from a syllabus, a product brochure or a bank statement. Information-access systems would be more useful for many tasks if they could similarly distinguish the form and thus purpose of documents (that is, their genres). However, many aspects of form salient for physical documents may not be distinguishable for electronic documents and perhaps vice versa. Furthermore, it is not clear which aspects of genre users will find useful in an electronic environment.

Seminaret organiseres i samarbejde med Center for Inrternetforskning, Århus Universitet og Center for Virksomhedskommunikation, Handelshøjskolen i Århus.

Den 27. juni, kl. 14-16
Handelshøjskolen i Århus, lokale U30

Deltagelse i seminaret er gratis.

*Kevin Crowston forsker i nye organisationsformers muligheder og sammenhænge med ny informationsteknologi. For nærmere oplysninger om hans forskningsaktiviteter og publikationer henvises til http://crowston.syr.edu/