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ver. 04, October 11

Each presentation will be very short (5 min.), followed by comments from the discussant (10 min.) and roundtable-style discussion (10 min.).

Track 1: lille auditorie

Track 2: AU-undervisning

All breaks in lille auditorie

Lille auditorie
Registration, coffee/tea and a small breakfast is served

Lille auditorie
Welcome and keynote
Welcome, Niels Brügger

Kirsten A. Foot, Steven Schneider: " Object-oriented Web Historiography "

10.15-10.45 Break, fruit is served

10.45-12.00 Paper session 1

Track 1 , chair Constance Kampf Track 2 , chair Niels Ole Finnemann
Niels Brügger: " Website History — an analytical Grid "
Discussant: Gordon Carlson
Charles van den Heuvel: " Web Archiving in Research and Historical Global Collaboratories "
Discussant: Stefano De Paoli

Gordon Carlson: " The Hypertext Inquisition: Virtual Ethnography as a Method for Web History "
Discussant: Niels Brügger
Meyer, Schroeder, Madsen: " The World Wide Web of Humanities: Archives for Researching the Web "
Discussant: Charles van den Heuvel

Stefano De Paoli: " The Archives of the Internet: Some tips for using e-archives "
Discussant: Eric T. Meyer
12.00-13.00 Lunch buffet for presenters (room 333, Ada-building)

13.00-13.50 Paper session 2

Track 1 , chair Niels Brügger Track 2 , chair Vidar Falkenberg
Jesiek, Hunsinger: " Collecting and Preserving Memories From the Virginia Tech Tragedy: Realizing a Web Archive "
Discussant: Alexander Halavais

Albrecht Hofheinz: " A history of Allah.com "
Discussant: Ken Hillis
Alexander Halavais: " Evolution of US White Nationalism on the Web "
Discussant: Jeremy Hunsinger
Ken Hillis: " Historicizing Webcam Culture: The Telefetish as Virtual Object "
Discussant: Albrecht Hofheinz
13.50-14.20 Break, Coffee/tea, cake and fruit is served

14.20-15.10 Paper session 3

Track 1 , chair Constance Kampf Track 2 , chair Niels Ole Finnemann
Megan Sapnar: " Web Industries, Economies, Aesthetics: Mapping the Look of the Web in the Dot-com Era "
Discussant: Tomi Lindblom

Ida Engholm: " Webmuseum.dk — Research-based online presentation of web design history "
Discussant: Sergio Sparviero
Tomi Lindblom: " Analysing and comparing the history of media companies' strategies in relation to new media "
Discussant: Megan Sapnar

Sergio Sparviero: " The Evolutionary History of Web Design "
Discussant: Ida Engholm
15.10-15.30 Break

Lille auditorie
Open discussion: The Future of Web History?

Panel: Kirsten Foot, Steven Schneider, Niels Brügger

19.30 Dining in town at Nordisk Spisehus (paper presenters and keynotes)

The conference is sponsored by:

  • 'The Knowledge Society', a joint research priority area at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Aarhus
  • The Institute of Information and Media Studies, University of Aarhus
  • The Centre for Internet Research, University of Aarhus