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PhD Defence: Lise Dilling-Hansen

Lise Dilling-Hansen will defend her thesis on gender and body performances and affective fan experiences of Lady Gaga. The PhD defence takes place Friday 6 november.

2015.10.21 | Sigrid Nielsen Saabye

Lise Dilling-Hansen

Lise Dilling-Hansen

Lise Dilling-Hansen's dissertation is entitled "My Artpop Could Mean Anything - an investigation of the gender and body performances of Lady Gaga and of the negotiation practices and affective responses of the Gaga fans".

The dissertation examines the norm-challenging sex, gender, and body performativity of Lady Gaga, the affective communication of Gaga, and likewise the affective responses of her fans in both their online and offline fandom experiences. The research builds on analysis of chosen music videos as well as public performances of Lady Gaga, and on various offline and online ethnographic work amongst the fans of Gaga.

Time: 6 november, at 1:00 pm.

Place: Taasingegade, building 1443, room 112 (Aud. 2), Aarhus C.

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