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2016.07.18 | Publication

New book: News Across Media

Jakob Linaa Jensen from CFI has, together with Mette Mortensen and Jacob Ørmen from Copenhagen University, edited the recently published anthology "News Across Media" on Routledge. The book discusses the changing realities of production, distribution and consumption of news in the social media era.

Donald Matheson
Niels Brügger
Henrik Bødker

2016.05.18 | Events

CFI-seminar about big data and a history of online news

The 23 of May CFI will be hosting a seminar on big data and the history of online news. Presenters are: visiting scholar Donald Matheson and CFI members Niels Brügger and Henrik Bødker.

Donald Matheson

2016.05.03 | People

Visiting scholar: Donald Matheson

In May 2016 Donald Matheson, asssociate professor in media and communication at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, will be visiting CFI.

Lise Dilling-Hansen

2015.10.21 | Events

PhD Defence: Lise Dilling-Hansen

Lise Dilling-Hansen will defend her thesis on gender and body performances and affective fan experiences of Lady Gaga. The PhD defence takes place Friday 6 november.

Niels Brügger inaugural lecture

2015.08.31 | Events

Inaugural lecture: Listen here

Niels Brügger's inaugural lecture from Friday 28 is now available as audio as well as on print.

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Recent publications

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  • Dilling-Hansen, Lise (2015): "More Than a Text: On the Affective Relation between Lady Gaga and Her Fans", in Living in the Limelight: Dynamics of the Celebrity Experience (ed. Kylo-Patrick Hart), e-book, Inter-Disciplinary Press, Oxford

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  • Tække, J. (2015): "Crisis Communication in a Systems- and Medium Theoretical Perspective". Paper to the conference: Conflicting Systems Observed with Social Systems Theory, International University Centre (IUC), Dubrovnik, Croatia, September 14th-18th 2015

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