PhD Projects

Sigrid Saabye

What are audio podcasts used for? - A study of the selection, the situation, and the motives behind podcast listening
Sigrid Nielsen Saabye, 2014ff

My interests are audio podcasting, radio and media sociology.

I am currently working on a PhD project about the use of audio podcasts in everyday life. Through audio logbooks, qualitative interviews and creative methods, I will study the selection, the situation and the motives behind podcast listening and hereby try to answer questions such as:

  • In which situations are podcasts used and with which purposes in mind?
  • How and to which extent is podcast listening a part of the listeners’ everyday projects – be it both situational projects and larger life projects?
  • How does the listener relate socially when listening to podcasts? Should podcast listening be conceived as a social experience – and if so: How?
  • And with regard to the particular podcasts that are digital on demand versions of radio programs: what does this change in the reception of radio programs mean to radio theory and the conception of radio listening?

Lea Muldtofte

The Magic Button - How the relationship between human and machine is represented through aesthetic stagings of the button
Lea Muldtofte, 2014ff

In my research I am reading digital works of art and online aesthetic representation, which are somehow addressing, accentuating or commenting upon what I call the connected subject - meaning the user in online networks. This with special regards to the agency of the underlying algorithms, which is inevitably part of the user-subject.

Maja Sonne Damkjær

Mediatized Parenthood in the Transition to Family Life
Maja Sonne Damkjær, 2012ff

My PhD project (2012-) Mediatized parenthood studies the role of internet media in the transition to parenthood. Today's parents have access to counseling and communication resources with a volume, speed, and scope that is unprecedented in history, and social media provide vast new opportunities for displaying family life. My project aims to elucidate mediatized parenthood through an examination of how internet media and interactive mobile technologies are intertwined with the first formative phase of parenthood. I study how Danish first-time parents use internet media in their new social roles as parents, where and how parenthood practices and media practices intersect, and the key characteristics of this increasingly mediatized life transition.

Project affiliation:

Ane Kathrine Lolholm Gammelby

Co-creation of health through social media
Ane Kathrine Lolholm Gammelby, 2013ff

My PhD project is a phenomenological study of citizens’ use of social media in relation to health. For many citizens who suffer from chronic diseases, social networks online (such as Facebook groups) play a significant role in everyday life, as they serve as gushing sources for disease-specific information and social support.

In my research I study how this phenomenon of online co-creation of health transforms patient culture, patient identity and patient agency; what are the impacts of this social media use when it comes to the experience of patient empowerment; and can we methodologically approach questions of experience in digital contexts.