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PhD Projects

’Being out of one’s mind’ – a study of the use and perception of the mediated phenomenon ASMR

Helle Breth Klausen, 2018ff


My PhD project is a study of the digital phenomenon ASMR - Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response - and the purpose is to identify what characterizes the phenomenon and find out how it is framed, described and perceived by the users who listen to and watch ASMR videos on YouTube.

My main research question is: "How do users perceive and make use of ASMR as a mediated phenomenon?"
This overarching question will be put through the following four objectives:

  • Preparation of a number of media textual analyses with a view to identify and conceptualize ASMR videos on YouTube
  • Description and definition of what characterizes ASMR as a digital, performative variety, including what makes YouTube especially suited as a platform for ASMR
  • Qualitative analyses of how users describe, articulate and discursively frame their experience of ASMR in a sensory, social and cultural manner
  • Development of theories and methods to analyze multi-modal sensory phenomena on YouTube, including ASMR videos with the purpose of contributing in general to research on multi-modal experiences online.

Podcast listening - the everyday experiences and uses of audio podcasts

Sigrid Nielsen Saabye, 2014ff


My project is an inquiry into the different uses and experiences of audio podcasts in everyday life. Working with interviews and logbooks of different podcast listeners, and drawing on various creative methods (such as photographing, metaphorical essaying and podcast creation), I study the selection, the situation and the motives behind podcast listening and hereby explore how podcasts are experienced, used, and what they mean to the listeners in their everyday activities. In order to gain insight into a new kind of listening practice but also to investigate on demand media usage in a broader sense: With all the world’s content available with a touch of a finger, how do we navigate?

Co-creation of health through social media

Ane Kathrine Lolholm Gammelby, 2013ff


My PhD project is a phenomenological study of citizens’ use of social media in relation to health. For many citizens who suffer from chronic diseases, social networks online (such as Facebook groups) play a significant role in everyday life, as they serve as gushing sources for disease-specific information and social support.

In my research I study how this phenomenon of online co-creation of health transforms patient culture, patient identity and patient agency; what are the impacts of this social media use when it comes to the experience of patient empowerment; and can we methodologically approach questions of experience in digital contexts.