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Over the past decade, the internet has solidified its status and significance in society, as a vehicle for work tasks, everyday communication, politics, cultural production and consumption, and so forth. However, the internet is still intangible, emergent, and ever-changing. The internet is becoming increasingly mobile and location-based. Personalization of services and content blend into the public or semi-public forums of the internet, and tie in with the often subtle filtering mechanisms by which content is presented to us. Services and genres are becoming seamlessly integrated through automation, share functions, and so on. These tendencies continue to push issues of institutional, judicial, and political regulation of the internet to the public agenda.

The Centre for Internet Studies covers a wide range of areas and topics in the field of internet studies. While we study the Danish internet with a view to the specifics of the Danish cultural context of the internet, including a very high internet- and mobile-penetration, and a highly regulated media system, we constantly strive to tie our research of the Danish internet to cross-national issues, discussions, and challenges of internet studies. Through these discussions, we are committed to furthering the international orientation of internet studies.