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The Centre for Internet Studies (CFI) was established on September 18th 2000 in order to promote research into the social and cultural implications and functions of the internet.

The Centre for Internet Studies is located at the School of Communication and Culture, formerly the Department of Information and Media Studies, University of Aarhus, Denmark.

The Centre for Internet Studies encourages research in its field through a range of activities:

  • serving as a meeting place and forum for local and international researchers who work with  internet-related research within the  humanities and social sciences
  • organising internal and external research seminars, conferences and other fora
  • working for the endowment of PhD stipends within the field of internet research
  • presenting research in the field through publications, lectures, teaching and other media
  • serving as a centre for knowledge about internet research through such activities as a documentation centre and a net portal)
  • creating a network for the exchange of knowledge about the centre’s research
  • collaborating on research projects with other research institutions
  • hosting national and international visiting scholars

Where relevant, CFI also contributes to the focus research areas prioritised by the Faculty of the Humanities.