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Board and committee memberships

Members of CFI are represented in various national and international research committees, editorial groups and state councils. Current commitments include:

  • The international Editorial Board of the international journal Journal of Web Science (2014-) (Niels Brügger)
  • The Editorial Advisory Board of the Spanish journal Communication & Society (2014-) (Niels Brügger)
  • New Media & Society's international editorial board (Niels Brügger)
  • The Advisory Research Council for the Natural History Museum and for the State and University Library, appointed by the Danish Council for Independent Research (Niels Brügger)
  • The editorial group for the Danish internet archive, Netarkivet (Niels Brügger, appointed by the Ministry of Culture)
  • The curator group for webmuseum.dk (Niels Brügger)
  • The Norwegian Reseach Council for the Social Sciences (Niels Ole Finnemann, 2010-2013)
  • The scholarly advisory board of The International Internet Preservation Consortium (Niels Ole Finnemann)
  • The editorial board of Triple C (Niels Ole Finnemann)
  • The Council for Greater IT Security (Anja Bechmann)
  • National ATV Council of Digital Sages (Anja Bechmann)
  • The digital advisors Danish Academy of Technical Sciences (ATV)
  • The AoIR Ethics Committee (Charles Ess & Stine Lomborg)

Peer review

CFI members review publications and for a diverse range of scientific journals, conferences and publishing houses, including (among others): AI & Society; AoIR; Ethics & Information Technology; ECREA; History and Philosophy of Logi; Human Communication Research; Journal of Pragmatics, Journalism - Theory, Practice & Criticis; Mediekultur; New Media & Society; Nordicom; Norsk Medietidsskrift; Northern Lights (KU); Observatorio; Routledge.

Previous commitments

Previous engagements include the Austrian Science Fund (FWF); the Committee for research indicator-development for media studies; the Danish National Doctoral School for Media, Communication and Journalism, (FMKJ); the European Science Foundation; the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO); and the Norwegian Research Council.