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Public Service Broadcasters on the Web:                                                     A Comprehensive History


Monday April 12th. Building 5346 (Ada building), room 333.



By Maureen Burns & Niels Brügger




A History of ABC Online News

Maureen, Burns, Lecturer, Dr,

Cultural and Media Studies, School of English, Media Studies and Art History, University of Queensland

This presentation examines some intersections between commercialism and goals of integrity that have marked the history of news services at the ABC — and in particular at Online, the website of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). ABC Online news appeared early in web history, and tensions between commercial and public service goals continue to be negotiated. In this presentation Maureen outlines her chapter for the forthcoming book, and suggests that stringent editorial policies and a long period of trial and error have allowed the ABC to license online news content to third parties while maintaining trust in ABC news services.




Southern European PSB move online: RAI and TVE’s online activities between the national and the European policy frameworks

Benedetta Brevini, MA, MSc, LLM, Seminar Leader in Media Policy and Media Law,

PhD Candidate, Communication and Media Research Institute (CAMRI), University of Westminster, London

This study investigates the online ventures of PSBs in the south of Europe, by focusing on the cases of TVE in Spain and RAI in Italy. The policies and practices of southern PSBs online are examined by evaluating three main forces that affect the policy outcomes: the domestic cultural and political factors; the European legal framework; the pressures coming from the commercial competitors of the peculiar markets in which each PSB operates.




The Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle — 15 years online

Tomi Lindblom, PhD, University of Helsinki, Finland

Yle started its web functions as a Finnish new media pioneer in 1994. YLE soon became one of the the biggest local actors in web with a wide offering of various content. YLE has been inventing many new web solutions and has put thousands of video clips online. During the last couple of years there's been a demand by the commercial media that YLE's web operations should be limited. YLE has not bothered about the demands and has still been adding more and more material online and gained more and more popularity among the audience.





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Broadcasting 2.0: The case of Al-Jazeera English

Shawn Powers, Ph.D.,Visiting Assistant Professor,

Annenberg School for Communication, London, University of Southern California, and Visiting Fellow, Department of Media and Communications, London School of Economics and Political Science

This presentation examines AJE's new media initiatives in the context of its organizational mission and geopolitical influence and argues that AJE provides an important case study for understanding how public service broadcasters can use the Internet to better reach and engage audiences and thus achieve their goals.




The shifting role of PSB Online activities in Crossmedia Networks 1996-2009

Anja Bechmann Petersen, Assistant Professor, PhD,

The Centre for Internet Research, Department of Information and Media Studies, Aarhus University

How has the web activities played a role as carrier of audience interactivity in the crossmedia-strategies of DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) and how has this role developed from 1996-2009? This topic will be the focus of the presentation. The presentation will contribute with an empirical overview of the interactive history of DR in a crossmedia perspective which has yet to be outlined. Second, the presentation discusses existing interactive pattern recognition in theoretical and/or related empirical studies with the results from my studies. Third, the presentation raises crossmedia-methodological questions such as (how) can we analytically isolate online activities from other media activities.




DR and the History of dr.dk, 1994-2006:

The concept of public service as driving force

Niels Brügger, Associate Professor, PhD,

The Centre for Internet Research, Department of Information and Media Studies, Aarhus University

The aim of this presentation is twofold. On the one hand it outlines the history of the national Danish public service broadcaster DR's website dr.dk, and on the other hand it examins the impact of the concept of public service on the creation and the development of dr.dk. The main emphasis will be on the latter.





Informal reception to celebrate the publication of the edited book Web History (ed. Niels Brügger, Peter Lang Publishing).





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