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Stine Lomborg defends her PhD dissertation "Social Media. A Genre Perspective"

Social media - web based applications such as blogs, social networks, chatforums, messaging, microblogs and location based services accessible from computers and smartphones - has increasingly become a part of the Danish daily life, typically as a platform for interpersonal communication and sociality.

As a subject area social media challenges traditional media studies concepts of 'producer', 'text' and 'receivers'.

Ordinary media users are increasingly manufacturing and distributing media content, so the distinction between producers and receivers become blurred.

The media text is no longer a finished media product, but is created in the users' continuous contribution and relationship-building with others in the network on digital platforms: it is emergent, editable, and in constant development, revision and change.

The dissertation gives an idea of how social media can be conceptualized and studied in a genre perspective, which unfolds in the analysis of two empirical cases: the use of personal blogs and Twitter in ordinary people's everyday lives.

Evaluation committee:

  • Associate Research Scholar Annette Markham, Dept. of Communication, University of Arizona, USA
  • Associate professor Malin Sveningsson, The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication (JMG), University of Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Associate professor Hanne Bruun,  Department of Informations and Media Studies, Aarhus University (chair)

The defense will take place
Friday December 9th 2011 from 2 pm to 5 pm