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December 09, 2011

Stine Lomborg defends her PhD dissertation "Social Media. A Genre Perspective" [ Read more ]

Stine Lomborg

September, 2011

New member of CFI: Janne Nielsen

September 16, 2011

Niels Brügger has contributed to the edited volume "The Long History of New Media" [ Read more ]

The Long History of New Media

September 16, 2011

Upcoming workshop with Dan Burk: Current International Perspectives and Issues in Intellectual Property Rights [ Read more ]

Dan Burk

August 30-31, 2011

Digital Methods workshop with Richard Rogers [ Read more ]

August 25, 2011

CFI workshop on Issue Crawler [ Read more ]

August 03, 2011

Upcoming seminar: Histories of Public Service Broadcasters on the web - dialogical interaction and public service [ Read more ]

Fiona Martin

June 27, 2011

Annette Markham is appointed honorary member of CFI [ Read more ]

June 22, 2011

Anja Bechmann has contributed to new anthology: Making Online News [ Read more ]

Making Online News

May 04, 2011

Visiting scholar at CFI: Andra Siibak, University of Tartu [ Read more ]

April 15, 2011

New book by Professor Charles Ess and Mia Consalvo: The Handbook of Internet Studies [ Read more ]

The Handbook of Internet Studies

April 15, 2011

New book by Professor Charles Ess and May Thorseth: Trust and Virtual Worlds - Contemporary Perspectives [ Read more ]

Trust and Virtual Worlds

April 14, 2011

Network analysis – methodological challenges: CFI is having a seminar where we have invited four speakers to address methodological and analytical opportunities and challenges of network analysis in relation to studying the internet. [ Read more ]

March 3, 2011

Annette Markham gives a Friday lecture at IMV 18.3.2011 on 'The lived experience of media in a mobile, fragmented, and global epoch: emergent methods'

February 6, 2011

New Guest professor in Spring 2011: Dr. Annette Markham

January 4, 2011

Niels Brügger gives keynote lecture at the annual conference in the division for communication history of the German Association of Media and Communication Research. [ Read more ]