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October 1 2003

Seminar on Internet Research and Society
CFI celebrates its third anniversary with a day-long seminar on the internet, research and society. The Centre’s members present their work.

September 11 2003

Lecture by David Kolb, Charles A. Dana Professor of Philosphy at Bates College, Maine, USA: "Exposing Exposition: Hypertext Genres of Exposition and Argument - or What Happens to Scholarship When It goes Hypertextual?" ( co-sponsored by Centre for Digital Aesthetics, Aarhus University).

August 27 2003

Annual meeting. CFI still has twenty-seven members.

May 6 2003

Lev Manovich and The Language of New Media. Lecture by Dr Lev Manovich on his book The Language of New Media.  Dr Manovich is Associate Professor at the Visual Arts Department, University of California, San Diego (co-sponsored by The Centre of Digital Aesthetics, Aarhus University, and the Modinet research project.

March 2003

New publication in the  CFI monograph series:
No. 07: Jakob Linaa Jensen: Den virtuelle politiske offentlighed – et dansk casestudie (The virtual political public sphere – a Danish case study)

March 2003

The concluding report of the research project 'netarkivet.dk' is published under the title Experiences and Conclusions from a Pilot Study: Web Archiving of the District and County Elections 2001. Final Report for The Pilot Project “netarkivet.dk” (by N. Brügger, S.V. Carlsen, B. Christensen-Dalsgaard, N.O. Finnemann, E. Fønss-Jørgensen, B. Henriksen, H. von Hielmcrone)