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October 25 2001

Workshop with James Slevin. Lecture on James Slevins bog The Internet and Society. Dr. Slevin is Associate Professor at the University of Amsterdam and honorary professor at Roskilde University in Denmark.

The Internet and Society

August 29 2001

Annual meeting.
CFI now has twenty-three members (as against the original fourteen): eight from Media Studies, nine from Information Studies, two from Multimedia/Literature, one from Psychology, one from Political Science, and one from the Scandinavian Institute (all Aarhus University departments), one from the Aarhus School of Business.

August 1 2001

CFI, The Royal Library, and The State and University Library initiate their collaboration on the one-year research project ’netarkiv.dk’. The aim of the project is to trial different strategies for  collection and archiving of internet material. The test corpus chosen is net activity connected with the municipal elections of November 2001. The project is intended to contribute to the development of a strategy for archiving Danish internet material. Dr Niels Brügger and Dr Niels Ole Finneman participate. The project is financed by Denmark’s Electronic Research Library and the institutions involved.


August 2001

The three first works in the CFI Skriftserie are published:

  • No. 01: Mark Poster: Print and Digital Authorship
  • No. 02: Niels Ole Finnemann: The Internet — A New Communicational Intrastructure
  • No. 03: Wolfgang Kleinwächter: Global Governance in the Information Age

The editors of the series are Niels Brügger, Henrik Bødker, Rune Dalgaard, Claus Elmholdt, and Jakob Linaa Jensen (after August 2005, Niels Brügger, Rune Dalgaard, Jakob Linaa Jensen).

Print and Digital Authorship

July - August 2001

CFI’s website is redesigned to harmonize with the new logo and the design of other publications. The website also receives its present address: cfi.imv.au.dk.


June 18 - 19 2001

CFI co-hosts an international conference 'Preserving the present for the future — Strategies for the Internet' along with Denmark’s Electronic Research Library, The Royal Library and The State and University Library. The conference focuses on strategies and methods for preserving internet activities and documents for coming generations. Dr Niels Brügger and Dr Niels Ole Finnemann contribute talks.

Immediately after the conference, the name ’netarkivet.dk’ is chosen for the internet archive that The Royal Library and The State and University Library have agreed to collaborate on.

April 25 2001

The Cultural Committee (Kulturudvalg) of the Danish Parliament holds a hearing on the preservation of the Danish cultural heritage. Dr Niels Ole Finnemann from CFI is invited to speak, along with Jens Thorhauge, director of the Danish National Library Authority, Erland Kolding Nielsen, director of the Royal Library, and Torben Grøngaard Jeppesen, director of the Odense City Museums.

March - April 2001

CFI’s members choose a logo designed by Thomas Andreasen of A3D Illustration | Animation.


January 2001

The deadline for submissions to the Centre logo competition is extended, as the members are unable to find a suitable candidate among the first submissions.


January 2001

CFI participates in a working group to promote the establishment of a national internet archive together with The Royal Library (Copenhagen) and The State and University Library (Århus). CFI participants: Dr Niels Brügger, Dr Niels Ole Finnemann og Dr Per Jauert).

January 29 2001

The first internal seminar is held. The internal seminars arranged in 2000-2001 are a forum for the Centre’s members to present their academic backgrounds, research interests, and perspectives on the internet. (The last internal seminar is held in December 2001).
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