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November 2005

Center director Niels Ole Finnemann is named ’Professor with special duties’ with focus on the cultural and social significance of the internet.

November 2005

The mailing list Forum for Internetforskning (Forum for Internet Research) is created. http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/Forum_for_internetforskning.

September 2005

In a letter to the Danish Research Policy Commission (Danmarks Forskningspolitisk Råd), Aarhus Universitet highlights internet research as one of the promising new research fields being developed by the Faculty of the Humanities.

September 7 2005

Lecture by Dr Jay David Bolter, School of Literature, Communication and Culture, Georgia Institute of Technology: "New Media and the Permanent Crisis of Aura" (Co-sponsored by the Centre for Digital Aesthetics, Aarhus University).

August 17 2005

Annual meeting. CFI has ten members. A new charter is agreed on (vers. 03), and a proposal for the reorientation of CFI’s interests and function is agreed on as the foundation for the Centre’s future work.

June 27 2005

Lecture by Kevin Crowston, information and organisation researcher, Syracuse University: "How can document-genre metadata improve information-access for large digital collections?" (co-sponsored by the Modinet research project).

March 15 2005

A miniseminar on ‘The Digital Divide’ is held in connection with Sharon Strover’s visit. Dr Strover is Head of the  Department of Radio, Television, and Film at University of Texas at Austin.

January 2005

CFI publishes its first book, Niels Brügger’s : Archiving Websites. General Considerations and Strategies . The subject of the book is the micro-archiving of websites performed by researchers, students and other users. It investigates how such non-specialist users archive websites on standard computers.