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December 2002

New publications in the CFI monograph series:

September 5-6 2002

Official launch of the MODINET research project at a conference at the University of Copenhagen, Amager and the Royal Library.

August 28 2002

Annual meeting. CFI now has twenty seven members, four more than in 2001. A new charter is agreed on, and Jakob Linaa Jensen takes Finn Olesen's place on the board.

April 2002

Two new  publications in the CFI monograph series:

April 2002

Seven researchers from CFI participate in MODINET,  a three-year research project on Media and Democracy in Network Society. MODINET is an interdisciplinary research project intended to explore the significance of globalisation and digital media culture for politics and democracy, for established cultural institutions and forms of expression, and for everyday life in the information and network society of the future. Around fifty social sciences and humanities researchers and PhD students from public and private research institutions tare are involved in MODINET.
MODINET is financed by a grant of 23.6 million kroner from the Independent Danish Research Councils as part of the program for ’Larger Interdisciplinary Research Groups’. CFI participants: Niels Brügger, Henrik Bødker, Jens Christensen, Niels Ole Finnemann, Per Jauert, Frands Mortensen and Anne Ellerup Nielsen (Jens Christensen later leaves the project, while Jakob Linaa Jensen joins).

March 2002

The Ministry of Culture appoints Dr Niels Ole Finnemann as member of a committee to prepare a report on the preservation of digital Danish culture. The committee is formed as result of the Danish Parliament’s Cultural Commission’s May 23 2001 report on ’Cultural preservation anno 2010 -  the state of our cultural inheritance’. The commission is described in a document dated March 19 2002.

March 25 2002

Lecture by Assistant Professor Peter Lauritsen: Getting Connected? An investigation of internet use in Ayacucho, Peru.

January 2002

Dr Niels Ole Finnemann is one of two Danish researchers appointed by The Danish Social Science Research Council to participate in the advisory board for the cost a20 project “Internet and the Mass Media”.