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December 2004

The Danish Parliament decrees that a Danish internet archive be established as of July 1 2005. The archive is maintained by The Royal Library and The State and University Library, and is organised on the basis of the guidelines proposed by the two libraries together with CFI. Although access to the archive is still severely limited (by copyright legislation and the need to protect sensitive personal information), the preservation of a significant portion of Danish internet material represents a milestone for internet research and the Danish cultural inheritance. The archive is not at present open to the general public.

November 2004

New publication in the CFI monograph series:

April 27 2004

Lecture by External Lecturer Anja Bechmann Petersen, MA (now PhD candidate) on ’The Internet and the Concept of the Media’ The lecture is based on the prize essay Internettet og mediebegrebet. Internettet i et mediegenealogisk og medietypologisk perspektiv (The Internet and the Concept of the Media: The Internet from the Perspectives of Media Genealogy and Media Typology). www.flermedialitet.dk

January 2004

Niels Ole Finnemann sits on the advisory committee of the newly formed International Internet Preservation Consortium , a collaboration between a number national libraries. http://www.netpreserve.org