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Call for partners!

We are looking for colleagues who are interested in joining an initiative for building a transnational research infrastructure for the study of web materials archived in national and similar general web archives.


We are interested in three different types of response:

  • First, we are looking for scholars/researchers who are prepared to join us in responding to a EU consultation on themes for future research infrastructures to be announced within the Horizon 2020. See “Integrating Initiatives”. Scholars and institutions outside the EU are not excluded. The proposal will be submitted via DARIAH-EU.
  • Second, you can allow us to mention you or your institution as possible partner without being co-responsible for the suggestion at the present stage. (There is only limited time to form a preliminary community as the suggestion shall be handed in to EU no later than Oct 22). Even if we are interested to have comments we are not going into more detailed discussions about the content of the proposal at the present stage. We will however respond to everybody afterwards.
  • Third, we are interested in establishing a community of researchers – who are also prepared to enter into collaborations with relevant web archiving institutions – a community which we are prepared to initiate via a seminar in 2013.

Please respond if you are interested in any of these options no later than 10 October 2012.

The proposal is developed in collaboration with DARIAH (dariah.eu) and NetLab (netlab.dk), which is a part of the Danish research infrastructure DIGHUMLAB (dighumlab.dk). The collaborations between the Danish internet archive netarkivet.dk (a joint venture between The Royal Library, Copenhagen and The State Library, Aarhus) and the research community at The Centre for Internet Research, Aarhus University, Denmark have developed gradually since 2000 initiated by a Pilot Project on archiving the municipal elections in Denmark in 2001. The collaboration today continues within the Danish DIGHUMLAB project which includes the establishing of the NetLab research infrastructure.

We are looking for possible partners based on close collaboration between archival institutions and scholarly communities.

Mail to: Head of The Centre for Internet Research Niels Brügger or Professor, dr.phil. Niels Ole Finnemann

Pdf version of the call for partners and the proposal can be found at netlab.dk. Feel free to circulate.