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CFI lecture: Networks in the study of web in sociology

On 23 November Mathieu Jacomy from the Sciences Po Paris médialab will give a lecture on networks in the study of web in sociology

Mathieu Jacomy
Mathieu Jacomy

Mathieu Jacomy outlines the lecture: "A part of my job at the Sciences Po médialab (and more precisely in the Dime Web team) is to develop tools to study the web and support scholars using them. We focus a lot on network visualization and we did not miss the occasion to implement such features in the web crawler we develop, Hyphe. We recently accumulated feedback from students and researchers on the role of network-based interfaces in web analysis. I will expose the typical progress of a visual network analysis with Gephi and show how we transferred some of these features in Hyphe's web-based user interface. I will discuss how the presence of networks in the monitoring process impacts the notion of web corpus, and explain why we think it can lead to a better data curation. More generally, I propose to discuss the role of exploratory data analysis in the translation of scholars' expertise to the emerging methodologies of digital methods."

Mathieu Jacomy is a research engineer at the Sciences Po Paris médialab since 2010. In the DIME-SHS team he leads the web sub-project where he develops digital tools for the social sciences and provides support and advice in digital methods to scholars. His current research focuses on visual network analysis, digital methods and issue mapping. He initiated the Gephi network analysis software and is still developing it, notably through algorithms like ForceAtlas2, and he is currently developing the web crawler Hyphe. He tweets at @jacomyma.


The lecture will take place 23 November, 11:15-12:00 in the Nygaard building (5335) room 395.