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CFI seminar: News websites and their affordances

On 30 September CFI will host a seminar with Aske Kammer where he will present his PhD thesis on news websites and their affordances.

2013.09.11 | Janne Nielsen

Aske Kammer

News websites is a particular type of news media which hold a unique constellation of affordances which separates them from traditional news media such as the printed paper, radio, and television. These affordances are instantaneity, multimodality, interactivity, and hypertextuality, and together they constitute the media logic of news websites. The four affordances will play a most important part in this presentation, where the central questions are how we are to understand them in the first place, how they can the operationalized methodologically, and to what extent Danish news websites actually use them. And how do they play a part in current developments within the journalistic field where news websites have become the central medium for producers as well as audiences of news?

The seminar takes place from 10 am to 12 am at room 295 in the Nygaard-building (5335). Aske Kammer's PhD thesis is available on request, please contact centre director Niels Brügger

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