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Lasse Balleby new member of Centre for Internet Studies

Lasse Balleby is the newest member of the centre. He is a PhD fellow from School of Communication and Culture, Aarhus University.

Photo: Lasse Balleby

Lasse presents himself: In my PhD project, I examine children and adolescents in vulnerable and exposed positions, where I look into their interactions and experiences in online communities through participant observation and through the subjects’ own narrations.

Furthermore, the project’s aim is to examine and contribute with knowledge on how children and media researchers methodologically and ethically approach and examine online interactions and experiences of children and adolescents in vulnerable and exposed positions in a tight collaboration with the research subjects. 


I am enrolled as a PhD student at The Department of Media and Journalism Studies at Aarhus University and physically placed at The Center for Children’s Media and Literature. I have previously worked as research assistant at The Department of Nordic Languages and Literature at Aarhus University where I among others have analyzed email greetings and high school students’ use of memes and gifs in groups on Meta’s Messenger application.      


Recent publications:


Hougaard, T. T., & Balleby, L. (2019). Medialektale træk i digitale dialoger. Språk i Norden, 49(1), 7-23.



Hougaard, T. T., Durup, T., & Balleby, L. (2018). Sprog i sociale medier.

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