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New book: Audience Research Methodologies - Between Innovation and Consolidation

CFI member Jakob Linaa Jensen has co-edited a new book on audience research methodologies and co-written a chapter.

2013.09.11 | Janne Nielsen

Jakob Linaa Jensen has co-edited the book Audience Research Methodologies - Between Innovation and Consolidation with co-editors Geoffroy Patriarche, Helena Bilandzic and Jelena Juriši?. Besides the introduction he has also written the chapter "Analyzing Online Social Networks from a User Perspective: A Quantitative-Qualitative Framework" with Anne Scott Sørensen. The book is published by Routledge and a part of the EU COST action Transforming Audiences, Transforming Societies.

Description of the book: The transformations of people’s relations to media content, technologies and institutions raise new methodological challenges and opportunities for audience research. This edited volume aims at contributing to the development of the repertoire of methods and methodologies for audience research by reviewing and exemplifying approaches that have been stimulated by the changing conditions and practices of audiences. The contributions address a range of issues and approaches related to the diversification, integration and triangulation of methods for audience research, to the gap between the researched and the researchers, to the study of online social networks, and to the opportunities brought about by Web 2.0 technologies as research tools.

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