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New member: Sigrid Saabye

Sigrid Saabye, PhD student from School of Communication and Culture, Aarhus University, is now a member of CFI.

2015.04.22 | Sigrid Nielsen Saabye

Sigrid Saabye

Sigrid Saabyes interests are audio podcasting, radio and media sociology.

She is currently working on a PhD project about the use of audio podcasts in everyday life. Through audio logbooks, qualitative interviews and creative methods, she will study the selection, the situation and the motives behind podcast listening and hereby try to answer questions such as:

  • In which situations are podcasts used and with which purposes in mind?
  • How and to which extent is podcast listening a part of the listeners’ everyday projects – be it both situational projects and larger life projects?
  • How does the listener relate socially when listening to podcasts? Should podcast listening be conceived as a social experience – and if so: How?
  • And with regard to the particular podcasts that are digital on demand versions of radio programs: what does this change in the reception of radio programs mean to radio theory and the conception of radio listening?
Tags: podcast, radio