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New research project: Meaning across media

Stine Lomborg and Jakob Linaa Jensen from CFI will be part of a new research project on cross-media.

Stine Lomborg
Jakob Linaa Jensen

Kjetil Sandvik (University of Copenhagen) and a research group including CFI members Stine Lomborg and Jakob Linaa Jensen has just been granted funds to the project Meaning across media: Cross-media communication and co-creation

Today's media consumers are increasingly using a variety of media types and genres in varying combinations and to many different purposes in their everyday life. The participatory nature of the new media means that users are not just consumers of media content but also to varying degrees contribute as producers. The development and dissemination of mobile and networked media has created hopes of new democratic potentials and participatory cultures as well as concerns of the eradication of professionalism and quality and of the major media institutions’ use of social media. This project takes a position between these extremes and puts the media developments into a historical context while also focusing on the new roles of and relationships between users and producers as a result of mobile and networked media and cross-media communication.