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Reception for the book ’Facebook – fra socialt netværk til metamedie’

The editors Jesper Tække and Jakob Linaa Jensen, the publisher Samfundslitteratur and the Centre for Internet Studies invite everyone to celebrate the publication of the anthology about Facebook. The reception takes place September 23 at 1.30 pm, room 229 in the Nygaard building (5335) at Helsingforsgade 14, Aarhus.

2013.09.19 | Janne Nielsen

Facebook – fra socialt netværk til metamedie

’Facebook – fra socialt netværk til metamedie’ is the first anthology in Danish about the role of Facebook in a Danish context. A number of the contributing authors will give short presentations on their chapters so the reception will have academic substance as well as some wine and cheese! Everyone is welcome, be it colleagues, students or other interested parties.

About the book:

Social media, especially Facebook, play an increasing role in everyday life, on the political agenda and in businesses and organizations. Starting as an American network for college students, Facebook has since become a worldwide social and cultural phenomenon.

Denmark is one of the countries where Facebook has the largest distribution and use; thus, more than half of the Danish population have a profile on Facebook.

This anthology, the first in Danish specifically about Facebook, brings together a number of Danish researchers and others with knowledge of social media, each of whom has made important contributions to the scientific understanding of social media in general and Facebook specifically.

The book deals with, among other things Facebook's history and current use in Denmark, Facebook's social impact and its role in the political sphere, in journalism and business.

The book is aimed at students and teachers in higher education. Parts of the book will also useful when teaching social studies at high schools (gymnasiums) or business schools. The book will also be of interest to anyone interested in the rapid development of social media.

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