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Upcoming seminar: Research Proposal Presentation

CFI will host a seminar with visiting scholar Rainer Rubira on his PhD project on theoretical and methodological trends in Internet studies. The seminar takes place August 7th from 15:15 to 18:00 in the Ada building, room 333.

Rainer Rubira

Rainer Rubira´s PhD project in progress: “Theoretical and Methodological Trends of Internet Studies in Communication Field. Case study: Europe and particularly Spain”. We will discuss the main background and “state of the art” in Internet Studies. As a part of the research framework Rainer Rubira will also introduce the statement of the problem, objectives, research question, research methods, approach to the object of study and sampling strategy. In particular, the ongoing design of research techniques to be used in the study such as content analysis, discourse analysis and in-depth interviews will be considered. If possible, it would be interesting to establish a focus group as a part of the empirical work of the investigation in this seminar.