2014.03.18 | People

New CFI member: Ane Kathrine Lolholm Gammelby

PhD Fellow Ane Kathrine Lolholm Gammelby from School of Communication and Culture, Aarhus University, is now a member of CFI.

2014.03.18 | People

New CFI member: Annette Markham

Associate Professor Annette Markham from School of Communication and Culture, Aarhus University, is now a member of CFI.

2014.02.27 | Events

CFI seminar: the Internet and the Self – sociological perspectives

Following the highly successful seminar "the Internet and the Self – philosophical perspectives" last year, the Centre for Internet Studies is pleased to announce a follow up seminar: "The Internet and the Self - sociological perspectives".


2014.02.24 | Research

CFI member participates in British research project about the history of the British web

CFI member Niels Brügger participates in the British research project "Big UK Domain Data for the Arts and Humanities (BUDDAH)" (2014-15).

Lise Dilling-Hansen

2014.02.24 | Events

CFI lecture: My ARTPOP could mean anything

On 3 June CFI-member Lise Dilling-Hansen will lecture about the gender and body performances of Lady Gaga, and how they are negotiated by the fans online and offline.

Meghan Dougherty

2014.02.24 | Events

CFI seminar: Web Archiving and Archived Web

On 22 April CFI will host a seminar about web archiving where visiting scholar Meghan Dougherty and CFI-member Niels Brügger will present their research.

Framing the Net

2014.02.24 | Events

CFI lecture: Framing the Net — the Internet and Human Rights

On 21 March CFI-member Rikke Frank Jørgensen will present her recent book Framing the Net.

Digital footprints

2014.01.14 | Research news

AU Ideas funding for Facebook Footprints

AU Ideas funds the project "Facebook Footprints: Researching Social Big Data Patterns" headed by CFI member Anja Bechmann and Peter Vahlstrup.

Lise Dilling-Hansen

2013.11.23 | Research news

New CFI member: Lise Dilling-Hansen

PhD Fellow Lise Dilling-Hansen from Department of Aesthetics and Communication, Aarhus University, is now a member of CFI.

2013.11.19 | Events

Histories of the Internet in France: Minitel, the internet, and Usenet

The Centre for Internet Studies will host two presentations about the historical development of the internet in France. Valérie Schafer will talk about “Rethinking the Minitel History and the French ‘Internet Delay’”, and Camille Paloque-Berges will talk about “Mapping a French Internet experience in the 1980's : the European cooperation of Unix…

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